Speaking In Tongues Short

By GCSnow

Did you hear the one about the magician and the faith healer?


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Genre: Comedy
No. Reviews: 1 | Length: 17 pages
Published: 2 months ago


I want to eventually shoot this. But, I'd like thoughts.

The one thing you don't have to mention, because I know already, my punctuation sucks.

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This was supposed to be true event but it felt more like I was reading a comical unbelievable story.
The concept is not that interesting to me.
And the first five pages was torture. Perhaps if you had opened with Steve performing his famous trick with an audience, it would have been better. And some of the scenes weren't good. The part were Steve and Barry were trying to make Maddy laugh looked real amateurish. Try acting that part out with your friends. You will see it more better. Yes our hero is compelling enough but the world you put him in is just not compelling. Give us more about Steve. Is it just tricks? Is he using black magic? I want to know. The pacing is good. Dialogue is good but could be better. The end is what I don't get. Why did Ron shoot Steve? Is he seeing something? I should know. And the tongues didn't play any major role as the title suggests. Try picking another title that is associated to Steve.

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  • 2.75