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The Cambion


In this supernatural merger of Psycho and Repulsion, a sociopathic young woman becomes ei-ther obsessed with or possessed by the demon of lust, an ancient cambion who impels her to prey upon her suitors until the family of one of her lascivious victims discovers her horrific crimes.

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The film opens with a young woman reading a story before going to sleep. As she sleeps, she's subjected to a horrific nightmare in which her lover is murdered, and she’s assaulted brutally. Afterwards, she becomes more psychologically unbalanced as she's stalked by phantasmagorias of her assailant, who we learn is an ancient Hebraic cambion and the demon of lust according to the Kabbalah. Finally, after she becomes completely depraved and psychotic, she begins to lure men to her home in order rape and kill them. A few weeks later, the fiancée and brother of one of her victims meet with a private detective. They agree to search for her, and the brother discovers her enticing another victim. Can she be stopped? Will the victim survive his abduction? Will his rescuers succeed? Is the cambion a real demon or the personification of her psychopathy? Regardless, this is a compelling and unique story about a self-actualizing female serial killer, her homicidal muse, and how contemporary society might react to her rapacity.


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