Identity crisis Short

By Rampota

After losing the only love of her life, a transgender loses all hope finding love again and kills herself.


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Genre: Drama
No. Reviews: 1 | Length: 25 pages
Published: 4 months ago


In Africa, a part of the world where transgenders hide themselves forever, Victoria was no different. All her life, the one thing she wanted was to love and be loved. Her father rejected her. She had no friends growing up. But then a time came when she found love or so she thought and lost it.

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So, this was filled with clichés and riddled with unrealistic and/or unnecessary dialogue. The concept was interesting, but not too original.

I never felt for her hardships since they were never fleshed out enough, just glossed over or not even approached. It may have been attributed to the pacing which was off at every point. The jumps in time felt random and weren't cohesive.

It very much read as a story set in the US (Victor, Victoria, Samantha and Bob where the character names) but at the end she mentions that things are different in "this part of the world", so that was confusing.

The writing wasn't entertaining at all and very improperly formatted. There was tons of camera direction or "we see" or "in front of us" moments which would've taken me out of the script if I wasn't already.

Tons of instances felt unbelievable or just logically didn't make sense. It doesn't seem like the plot was well thought out.

  • 4 months ago
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  • 1.5