Internal Affairs TV Series

By shawndoc

Two minority veteran​ cops team up to start a culturally diverse investigative unit that will hold bad cops accountable for corruption and brutality.


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Genre: Crime
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Internal Affairs is not your standard Cop show because it’s centered around those Cops who investigate their fellow Police in a southern cosmopolitan. This drama will represent how we would like to see real police departments respond to Police misconduct and Police brutality in this political climate of BLM and more demands for police accountability
John Ritter an African American former FBI agent forced to retire over a social media scandal is recruited to lead the IA Unit by the new Superintendent of Police, a Bi-Racial Lesbian brought in to shake up the department after a DOJ investigation swept up all the former IA officers. Ritter hires a diverse group of detectives, including a Hispanic Dreamer from the SWAT team, an ex-homicide detective, a female officer who quite NOPD due to sexual harassment and a local Creole Deputy Sheriff who is tired of standing by while cops get away with murder.
The arc of the first season:
After the Unit is up and running they respond to a white veteran officer who shot and killed an African American man who was a visiting celebrity during a minor traffic stop, bringing the new NOPD Superintendent, her IA unit and the city into the national spotlight and sparking the debate of Police shootings of unarmed Black men adding pressure to Ritter and his team to prove that they are up to the task.

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Internal Affairs TV Series

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