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An arms dealer and a preacher with a shared past must rescue as many townspeople as they can when a possessed communications frequency sends the nation's cops rampaging toward their town to fulfill a biblical prophecy of Armageddon

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Beginning with a Reality show POV: A film crew with a show like Cops or Live PD shoots a traffic stop cum drug bust just a federal satellite network called Project Sentinel begins downloading and monitoring police communications, as Arms dealer and CIA asset Tyler Peralta narrates about it's purpose: To route all voice and body cam feeds into a network that monitors for evidence of police misconduct, but whose radio frequency carries a powerful and malignant force.

As Project Sentinel and its demonic poison surge into the police at the on-air traffic stop, they transform, eyes bulging, lungs heaving, with the same voice - a voice that sounds like a demon hissing with CB radio static, they suddenly attack both suspects and film crew alike, expending every bullet and tazer dart they have on them in the process.

As a marauding police cruiser races past, sirens ablaze, deliberately swerving to hit every pedestrian in its path, we track with it into a montage of homicidal police attacking the Populace of New Jerusalem at large, as Tyler explains that this is the work of Abbadon, the Angel of the Bottomless Pit referred to in Revelations 9 verse eleven. The Bottomless Pit it turns out, is this timeless, unused radio frequency, and this is the beginning of the end.

Cut to Tyler in his basement full of weapons, making a sale to two gangsters, one of whom, unbeknownst to Tyler, is an undercover cop. As Money and guns change hands, The demon comes through on the wire worn by the undercover. Possessed now, he reaches for the guns on the table and everything goes south.

A shootout becomes a chase across a neighborhood thick with sirens and marauding, murdering cops, becomes a hostage standoff in the Church of the Reverend Owen Maples - A man of God with whom Tyler shares a bloody past he'd rather forget.
The hostage drama suddenly solved with a well placed bullet, the two discuss the situation, and how it looks like something they've seen before : a mass demonic possession like this, that they - and only and elite few in the world - know was responsible for the war in Bosnia. They've seen this before. But this, this is much worse.

The two reluctantly team up to rescue the residents at the Reverends halfway house and homeless shelter. Tyler has the guns and the ammo. The Reverend provides the holy water in which the bullets are dipped. And they're off, shooting rampaging cops who now burst into flames when shot by these anointed bullets.

Fighting, shooting, and bickering their way across town to rescue as many as they can, and in the process our heroes notice two disturbing trends: This demon wears out bodies at an accelerated rate, and is constantly replenishing its ranks with an exodus of cops from all states and municipalities, all converging on New Jerusalem and slaughtering everything in their path.

Tyler, the Reverend, and the crowd they're trying to rescue fight their way into the local police station, where the first to become possessed have already been reduced to melted, disintegrating corpses by the demon's overwhelming power. Realizing their in over their heads, they use the radio in in the dispatcher's room to call their old friends at PandORA - Paranormal and Occult Related Affairs - A Vatican Army intelligence with whom Tyler and the reverend once worked to quell the mass possession of Milosovich and his troops in Bosnia.

PandORA Tells them they have been monitoring the situation via satellites designed to scan for paranormal activity, and the energy readings coming from this event in the US is by far the largest they've ever seen. They tell Tyler and the Reverend they must remain in town, because this demonic force must be confronted at the place in which it's converging, as for how to proceed, PandORA tells them they'll consult the scriptures, and contact them in one hour.

Tyler and the Reverend use this time to devise and execute an escape plan for their people. A montage of Possessed police killing their way across the land is intercut with our heroes leading the survivors out of harm's way through the town's storm drains, and into the relative safety of the countryside. Where the drain empties into a lake, Tyler finds the reverend dumping the last of the holy water into it, saying a blessing as he does.

Where they receive a disturbing update from PandORA: This Demon is the Angel of the bottomless pit itself, and according to one of the most secret books in the Vatican's library can only be destroyed when ten thousand of its apostites perish in fire.

With no survivors, and only possessed cops with numbers approaching that ten thousand left in town, Tyler and The Reverend devise a plan to move fuel from the town's diesel plant via train tanker cars over to the town's fertilizer plant. Drain fuel into fertilizer, and then off a C-4 tipped drone into the whole mess, thus setting off the world's largest conventional explosion once
Their satellite data shows ten thousand are withing range of the blast.

By now a swarming ocean of uniformed police surrounds the plant. none of them are attacking our heroes as they flee in a armored police ramming vehicle. they're just waiting. something is wrong.

The plodding, tanklike machine gets them barely far enough to survive the blast. When it happens, it flings the vehicle violently away from the blast that claims most of the town. Our heroes emerge from the wreck bruised and pummeled, only to get a call from PandORA warning them the book telling them to incinerate the ten thousand possessed was a deception, planted in their library centuries ago to trigger this event, so that the demon might gather enough energy to materialize on the physical plane. A five Megaton warhead is in the air, and will detonate in thirty minutes unless PandORA sees proof via satellite the demon has been destroyed.

They battle with the monstrous creature, who only seems to get larger as he draws energy from an ocean of flashing red and blue lights that light up the night in all directions. Forcing Tyler Tyler to lead Abbadon on a chase, out of town and into the same lake the reverend earlier turned into holy water.

Tyler drives his car off the bridge,the demon plunges in after him and dissolves. Tyler is at first is though drowned, but the found on the shores of the lake, where The reverend finds him, they are joined by a Chopper full of CIA agents who usher them off to Washington for a debriefing.

And we are left behind, at a national Guard field base where we learn Abbadon's true intention all along, as The Soldiers interviewing a handful of huddled survivors, project Sentinel comes back online, This time Washington wants to use it to watch the first responders to this disaster in real time.
And the soldiers acquire that demonic presence, and open fire on the crowd of survivors, we cut to black knowing demon has now used the up-link to jump to the military com frequencies, possess the world's armies and take this apocalypse to the next level.

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Great concept but the dialogue made it hard to read. I loved the first twelve pages and then I met the characters and it went downhill from there. This is a great idea, very original and I can tell the writer did a lot of research and is passionate but I felt like all the talent went into the first twelve pages and then someone ells took over writing after that. I want to see this movie and would love to read the next better draft.

1 month ago |
Shawn Decker Top Reviewer
Concept: The concept is excellent, you basically take "The Exorcist," and combine it with the opening scene from "Saving Private Ryan," and it is a captivating concept for a horror film. The possession and by whom was well thought out and researched, and if not, it is written to where it appears so.

Logline/First 10: The writer did an excellent job in both areas. The logline made me immediatly wanted to read the script. The first 15 pages sto...

1 month ago |
Micheal Marsh Top Reviewer

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