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2econd Chance


What would you do with a second chance?

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Comedy | 3 Reviews | 6 pages | 7 months ago | Draft 1


Elvira Deuntjes is a singer who is trying to make ends meet. She is going for an audition to sing the Christmas songs for a company but completely messes up the audition. The 2econd Chance store, however, offers the opportunity, to fix your mistakes by going back in time. Will Elvira be able to fix her mistake?


I'm not sure if I consider this a comedy or more of a Twilight Zone'esq horror.

There were TONS of structural missteps, typos and confusing dialogue throughout. Every time you used "we see" or "we hear" it reminded me I was reading a script, which isn't the idea.

None of the characters are introduced, so it feels random when, boom, a new person begins to speak. The dialogue at times didn't match the action going on, which caused confusion...

6 months ago |
I really enjoyed this short. I thought the set up was great because I kept trying to guess what was going on. Not knowing forced me to keep reading. However, the punchline was very predictable because of the telling facial expressions of Rudolph. I believe, if you remove those small details the punchline would be less predictable, therefor, more affective and appreciated. All and all, very good short.


6 months ago |
Michael White Top Reviewer
This script was fun to read with an original concept for time travel that's both bizarre and humorous.

Elvira's motivation is to get a job. That is motivating but there could be a stronger reason as to why she's so desperate to get a job, which will help raise the stakes and make getting the job even more important.

The idea that a customer's memory is wiped clean between the moments of time travel is clever and it adds a good twist to th...

3 months ago |

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