The Operation Short

By dragonspirit

How do you live with a mortally sick daughter.


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Genre: Drama
No. Reviews: 1 | Length: 7 pages
Published: 3 months ago


Mark and Amelia have a daughter named Samantha who is mortally sick. She desperately needs a heart transplant. Amelia is convinced that God will find a solution, while Mark's faith is wavering.

I am not native English, so please bear with me in case of any spelling errors.

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The concept could (maybe) work if better written. The ending was more of a shock than a twist, which made no sense for the direction of the whole script and character development attempted.

The scenes aren't fleshed out too well, the action lines were more overtly written than vivid. There was a whole scene of the couple's interaction which felt necessary in the moment and ended up being worse in the end with that twist.

The conflict (Samantha's failing heart) was pretty standard but besides the brief dispute between the couple it didn't feel important, just a plot device.

It wasn't really paced too well, but that was due to the script itself not being well written. There were several grammatical and spelling errors, as well as some confusing formatting mistakes.

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  • 1.5