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An aging pro wrestler fights his way back into the spotlight at a new federation after injuring his opponent in the ring.

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"Get Pinned. Get Paid." Jobber chronicles aging professional wrestler Lance Love’s time in the upstart hardcore wrestling federation TWM after being fired from the major federation WWA for injuring a fellow wrestler mid-match. He meets a group of young up-and-comers who convince him to travel with them around to the towns with the hopes of learning nuggets of wisdom from Lance along the way. Drinking, ribbing, wrestling talk and general road trip zaniness ensues. Throughout the course of the first season we’ll witness Lance’s rise from the ranks of the curtain-jerking pin-eating peons back to the limelight and championship glory he longs for. With that success we’ll see his relationship with the other guys in the locker room change due to bitterness and jealousy, one guy even going to drastic lengths to bring Lance down. Woven into the sub plots of each episode we’ll get a glimpse at all the main characters’ pasts and their road into the business, each person’s journey will reflect conflicts in the main story.


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