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Bending Spoons


Bending Spoons is just mind over matter but you want to believe, you know you do.

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A brave witty quirky fifteen-year old girl named Grace is fighting cancer and wants to learn how to bend spoons with her mind to see if she can cure herself with a power from within then go back to the hospital and teach the other children to do the same All while finding a suitable mate for her single mother just in case this cancer thing goes south. NOTE: This screenplay was purchased and produced with limited release 4-23-2018. The title was changed during filming to "Getting Grace" see IMDB for details. This is original 1st draft copy complete with typing errors and misspelling. It is what it is.


Not particularly my type of story but it was heartfelt (although at times felt cheesy, but it fit the narrative). The story felt well thought out and structured pretty well but there were some inconsistencies in flow and pacing.

I felt as if there was a typo on every page, but luckily the clever lines made up for the grammatical errors.

I don't want to get too deep into my personal feelings about this because it's not my cup of tea. But f...

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