The Sound of Silence Feature

By ShawnM

After Germany invades Poland at the start of World War 2, a young factory worker, forms a brave resistance group with his fellow countryman and woman, to take back their country and survive.


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Genre: History
No. Reviews: 0 | Length: 105 pages
Published: 4 months ago


Mordechai Anielewicz, a kind and smart factory worker, is engraved, when Germany invades Poland in 1939. When Jurgen Stroop, a roothless German General, arrives in Warsaw, he has orders from Adolf Hitler, to annialate all the Jews. After they dicover their parents and fellow Jews have been murdered, Shawn Dansky, Mordechai's best friend, helps him gather all the surviving countryman and woman together, to form a resistance group called: The Jewish Fighting Organization. Soon after, as Jurgen and the Germans close in around them, Mordechai and Shawn suffer heavy losses in their ranks, until they discover an old and abandoned underground headquarters, where they can hide and regroup.

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