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Three burglars who target houses with fumigation tents end up uncovering a much darker pestilence.

Draft #2
Peer Rating: 80%
Industry Rating: N/A
Horror | 1 Reviews | 65 pages | 1 week ago | Draft 4


A single-location horror script about three ex-cons who burglarize houses under the cover of fumigation tents. They choose and enter a house that has a much darker secret inside than could ever be imagined. The three men try with everything to right the wrong inside the house but the danger inside has other plans.

Industry Reviews

Peer Reviews

I really enjoyed this script. I watch and read a lot of horror and one thing the genre seems to avoid is something like this. Its a really solid idea that could be implemented really easily, and cheaply. Fantastic use of a single setting. There are very few spelling and grammar errors, which is nice. Excellent use of sound and darkness to convey the feeling of hopelessness the characters are facing.

Very creative concept. The main ch...

1 week ago |
Sean Blackhall Top Reviewer
Suggest you adjust the grammar and wordiness to: “A white cargo van with the words “BUG OFF” sloppily painted on the side sits parked in front of a house. A yellow and red vinyl fumigation tent covers the house. The house’s yard is well manicured but sparse, and there isn’t another home in sight.”
Recommend combing the empty street and sidewalk into one sentence.

Well done in writing them in ALL CAPS, and left margi...

1 month ago |
For the most part, I really enjoyed this read. My two favorite ideas at play were:
1. A group of thieves using tented houses as their marks.
2. The thieves deciding to mete vigilante justice against people who are presumably harming children.

With the twist, of course, that it isn't actually people harming the children, but a scary infestation of some mysterious super bug with the ability to possess and devour people almost like the cordycep...

4 weeks ago |
Dan Patrick Kerry Top Reviewer

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