Village by the Sea Feature

By Paulzambrano360

When two young, female drug addicts, on the road to recovery, come together in a web of corruption and deceit, they must fight to keep their dreams for a renewed life, and themselves, alive.


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Genre: Drama
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Published: 1 week ago


Village By The Sea is a drama set in Delray Beach, Florida, one of the key, addiction recovery centers of South Florida. 24 years old, Leah Monte, escapes there to seek help from her turbulent, drug-induced and chaotic past. Seeking rehabilitation and refuge, she befriends a recovering addict, roommate, twenty-something, Karen Vaughn.

They quickly encounter a world of drug overdoses, insurance fraud, attempted suicides, forced prostitution, undercover drug dealings and “body brokering”.

The two addicts combat continuing inner struggles and dark, withdrawal hallucinations, while battling their own past life complications.

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