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Legacy Of Gold


In a world where professional wrestling is a real sport an aging champion does whatever it takes inside and outside the ring to stay on top and keep his title.

Peer Rating: 84%
Industry Rating: N/A
Drama | 2 Reviews | 36 pages | 1 month ago | Draft 1


The Breaker, world champion in the most prestigious global wrestling company, is pitted against a seemingly insurmountable opponent. For the first time in his career he steps outside the boundaries of the ring to search for a solution.

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Peer Reviews

The strength of the story came from how well developed the characters are, with three-dimensional personalities, strong motivations that help them carry the plot, and some emotional backstories. These characters are very interesting and have both a good and bad side to them, making us sympathize with some of the other characters. One of the best characters was Breaker, who might seem a little unlikable due to his arrogance, willingness to cheat,...

1 month ago |
Advait Dantuluri Top Reviewer
Is the Concept strong/original?

Yes, and it's a concept that I think will engage a wide range of people (primarily males 22+ I'm guessing?). To give some background, I'm British, 24 years old and growing up I was really into WWE so reading this is definitely tapping into that element of nostalgia. But that's not to say you're eliminating other age groups/genders, because it's common knowledge that wrestling is fake, but we've all pondered what...

1 month ago |

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