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Outlander discovers a secret society of magical hobos

Peer Rating: 7%
Industry Rating: N/A
Action/Adventure,Comedy | 1 Reviews | 99 pages | 3 weeks ago | Draft 2


Outlander arrives in Kansas City and discovers a secret society of magical hobos. Outlander explores the world of Hobohemia and learns to harness the power of change.

Industry Reviews

Peer Reviews

When first looking at the premise, it looked a little weird, but somewhat interesting. After reading the screenplay, it's hard to imagine what was written in it.

The worst thing about the screenplay is the offensive and hurtful stereotypes against homeless people. Here, it portrayed them as good-for-nothings and bad people towards the middle class. This can come off as very shocking and furthers notions against homeless people. Also, in this s...

3 days ago |
Advait Dantuluri Top Reviewer
Honestly, the story was confusing from the start. There was no sense of introduction to the characters or the story, which made me ultimately not care about it. The characters weren't given any sort of characteristics on who they are or what they're goal is. And for a feature film, the first around twenty pages should be about who the characters are, what problems of theirs is introduced, and what their goal is now going to be. There's a lot of w...

1 month ago |
I'm torn. This is both a wonderful script as well as a terrible movie that I would hate myself for watching. I suppose I can only blame myself for not fully understanding the writers intention when his lead character was OUTLANDER. But non the less I totally loved the first third of the script. After that as an audience member, reader, and fellow writer, I was deeply disappointing in the myriad of blatant references. While a key part of a marketa...

1 month ago |
David Weishaar Top Reviewer

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