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Determined maid thwarts the plans of her grieving mistress to kill young men, sending their spirits to her beloved daughter who died four years ago.

Peer Rating: 73%
Industry Rating: N/A
Drama,Crime,Mystery/Suspense | 1 Reviews | 32 pages | 6 months ago | Draft 1


A grieving mother and widow, Mrs. Winnaford, invites mediums to her mansion to hold séances under the guise of contacting her dead daughter's spirit. She summons only young men in the best of health, in their prime, and then murders them, sending their spirits to the hereafter, hoping her daughter's soul will locate them and have a companion for eternity. But after twelve murders, Anna, her maid and confidante, wants to put and an end to the killings, but Mrs. Winnaford refuses. However, Anna is determined, whatever it takes.

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From start to finish I found myself enraptured by this incredibly well-written slice of gothic horror. Off the bat, the characters are immediately vivid and likable, and exposition doled out expediently while the plot moves at a rapid pace, never once lagging as it hurtles toward the startling revelation of twisted serial killings. I totally see this becoming a feature film, if that were something on the writer's mind. The sole major critique I h...

6 months ago |

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