Second Impressions Feature

By Mike91001

A journey of survival, fueled by revenge, as a woman seeks retribution against her father for trying to kill her as a child.


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Genre: Drama
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Published: 2 weeks ago


Maggie’s story begins when Preston, her father, takes her to an obscure prison in Latin America when she is just 10 years old. Preston pays the prison director, Cesar, to have her killed. When Maggie’s adult cellmate, Selena, discovers Maggie’s fate, she offers herself to Cesar and saves Maggie’s life.

Years pass until both Maggie and Selena are purchased from Cesar by Nathan, a wealthy jewel thief, who plans to use them as accomplices. Nathan trains Maggie on how to adopt the identity of his victims so he can steal from them. Over the years, Maggie accumulates a great deal of wealth on her own. Her success with Nathan comes at a price as he is dominating and sadistic toward her. She formulates a plan to escape Nathan’s control, reunite with her mother and get revenge on her father and sister. In order to realize these goals, she must play her father, sister and Nathan against each other while assuming her sister’s identity.

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