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A washed-up B-movie actor becomes the prime suspect in a murder case when his indie filmmaker friend turns up dead.

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Thriller | 1 Reviews | 108 pages | 1 month ago | Draft 1


NYC film actor Al Stout's career is in the dumps when he sees an inspiring indie film that reunites him with his old friend, the enigmatic character actor Jay Willows. After a night on the the town, Al wakes up to learn that Jay is dead. Desperate for some sense of closure, Brian, the director of Jay's final film, reaches out to Al. Later that night, however, Brian's body is discovered near a bridge in Brooklyn - savagely murdered. Because he was the last person to see Brian alive, Al becomes the prime suspect. Things get weirder, however, when Jay Willows resurfaces - and Al begins to wonder if he's losing his mind.

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First of all, I would like to congratulate you on the extraordinary script that you have written. This is one of the finest scripts that I have read recently & it really opened my eyes to the thriller genre. The story with the characters, action line & dialogues are really proportionate enough with the story. The perfect life of a struggling actor begins to turmoil by one of his dilutional friends. I really liked Jay's character who is dilutional...

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