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When you remove the veil around earth all we are is just ants in an aquarium. Very violent army ants and to the rest of the galaxy 'nonintervention' is no longer an option.

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Alice Kramer is studying the 1% of severely autistic children born with gifts like writing advanced mathematical formulas before taking any math classes. Playing Mozart and Beethoven flawlessly without a single music lesson. As the rest of the world searches for a cure, Alice is looking for the trigger mechanism. Can she teach the rest of mankind to utilize their brains like these children and ascend to the next higher level of existence. The shocking discovery she seeks studying her patients DNA is buried secretly in her own genetic code and can change mankind forever.


Why is there animosity from NUMBER ONE to ALICE? Her comment “Then, I’ll destroy you.” Came out of the left field.
The script has concept echoes of Julian May’s book ‘Intervention’ https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/378366.Intervention
There are some minor spelling errors that are easy to miss, even with spellcheck.
Page 3-4, the conversation between Maud and Nurse Sandy left it open regarding “…didn’t take long.”
I felt emotionally engaged...

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