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Three Taps


A woman breaks up with her remote hogging boyfriend in an unexpected way.

Peer Rating: 44%
Industry Rating: N/A
Romance,Drama | 2 Reviews | 5 pages | 7 months ago | Draft 1


During movie night, a woman has had enough of her remote hogging boyfriend.

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The shorter the short, the harder it is to create the scene, develop the characters and drive to a climax. I liked the story. The concept was unique and has many different avenues it could take. I felt that the structure, character development and the dialogue could use some work. Being only five pages, I wondered how it would flesh out. We know Benjamin looks the slacker part, but is that it? Why does Jennifer want him gone? Just the remote?...

6 months ago |
Drew Michaels Top Reviewer
Definitely an interesting read. Here were my thoughts:

1. Concept - The concept was pretty ludicrous and funny with the idea of an altercation due to the use of a television remote. Although with this script being only 5 pages, you can only do so much with it.

2. Story - There wasn't a whole lot of a story to follow, but what there was, was a simple one. The girl breaks up with the boyfriend for hogging the remote only to hog it herself, in...

6 months ago |
Cyle Brooks Top Reviewer

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