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Rapture of Elle Divine - Reboot E1

TV Series

Elle Divine walks from the midst of the Blue Ridge during a pandemic. She desires Elle Divine to fix things gone wrong over starting with two female disciples

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Elle Divine appears hiking along a mountain trail and is stopped by a Park Ranger. He reminds her that the trail is closed because of the pandemic, but she is stopped because he actually sees it as an opportunity to rape her. Elle knows his story and goes old school “vengeance is mine.”
Through this episode we are also introduced to Elle’s more dominant character of grace and compassion to persons of true faith, humility, and humanity. She is short, impish, sarcastic, and humorous with the sanctity of Christian rituals. She swears and thinks she can sing.
She is finds early that the fallen angels are never far away, and she must be ready for battle for the believe that Christ on earth is vulnerable. The Cartel of Commerce, controlled by Bobby Smittick, and his board of fallen angels do not know that Elle is now back on earth. But Elle is now on notice that by their smell they can be close anytime. This was not part of her new strategy. She needs help, but not at this moment.
Now she must begin to recruit disciples. She finds her first two in the persons of a lesbian pastor Karla her partner Ruth. They will be diverse with special skills and talents in a 21st Century world where science, technology, and arts matter over blind faith. She needs help in how her new message, new reality, and new order will be made and executed. With rare exception, they will not sound like each other. They will look like Wal-Mart shoppers, but armed shoppers with more than the word of a holy spirit.

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