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Reverse Psychology


A foul-mouthed marriage counselor uses unorthodox methods to help fix a couple's turbulent relationship.

Draft #1
Peer Rating: 67%
Industry Rating: N/A
Comedy | 3 Reviews | 9 pages | 2 months ago | Draft 1


One location, 4-actor absurdist comedy. Though 9 pages, it's probably shorter due to it being mostly dialogue. Would be appropriate on a platform such as Funny or Die.

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Peer Reviews

I thought the concept of the film was interesting and original. I hadn't seen many things like it. The logline really draws me in and makes me want to read it, which is great. I think the actual script is written well. I really liked how the whole movie took place in the room and it wasn't over complicated. I think the characters are written well. I can feel for both the wife and the husband for different reasons. They both want different things...

1 week ago |
The script is well written, a tight simple story, that is engaging and interesting to read, and would fit really well in a short festival. The concept is quite good, if a little cliche, this is something that happens quite often, but it is still done very well. The characters are well written and well rounded, specifically Diane and Scott have a very real relationship that makes the story quite engaging. The story is structured quite well, its ke...

1 week ago |
I like reading shorts because you have to introduce characters, get to the meat of the story and end it within a few pages. You certainly did that. The issue I see here is that, although the concept is good, everything else doesn't gel well. If it's a comedy, it doesn't work (in my opinion). The dialogue between Scott and Diane is no more than insults using foul language. The way I read it and envisioned it, that didn't make it funny. As a...

1 week ago |

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