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A mother who wants the best for her children has one more task before she can make it into the exclusive PTA.

Draft #1
Peer Rating: 57%
Industry Rating: N/A
Family,Mystery/Suspense,Thriller | 2 Reviews | 10 pages | 2 months ago | Draft 1


Mrs. Perez has two sons, one a troublemaker and one gifted. In order to guarantee the best for her children at this elitist school, she must worm her way into the PTA. But she then discovers that there is more to the PTA than meets the eye. The PTA will require her to make severe sacrifices to ensure the success of her gifted child.

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Peer Reviews

Well, this script was definitely not what I expected. Here were my thoughts:

1. Concept - The concept of a mom joining a school meeting and it taking a turn is definitely a good concept that can be well written in the sense of either comedy or horror, and the horror route was what the writer has chosen.

2. Story - I thought the story was decent, up until I came across the most overused horror trope in existence: Satanism. I understand if th...

1 week ago |
Hi Kayla,

So, this was an interesting read, not sure if I've ever seen anything like this, having a PTA meeting secretly being a satanic cult of moms willing to sacrifice anything so that their children are given every opportunity to succeed. Very unique idea for a horror short. I'm a huge horror fan, so I was hooked into this. I liked the ritual too and how that played out -- the mother bleeding from under skirt, very symbolic, almost like a...

1 week ago |
Michael Kospiah Top Reviewer

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