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12:05 AM


A mother, father and their new baby daughter go through life on separate paths then meet for a final time.

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Inspired by an actual prison execution in 1998 of a woman (Karla Faye Tucker) who killed 2 people and accepted her fate but had an innocence about her. Begins in a southern town circa 1990 and involves a struggling young couple with a baby girl. The father leaves to start a new life somewhere else leaving mother and child behind. Many years later he becomes the warden of a prison. A capital punishment is scheduled to take place. He’s aware it’s a young woman and visits her for the first and last time. Hence, in the chamber, he orders the execution and it’s done. Something about this woman brings back memories/flashbacks that this young woman might be his daughter. 12:05am kills self.


Okay, the positives:
There is a strong emotive story in here, if you can work to bring it out and that is the story of a man who abandons his wife and child due to pressures but also to personal weakness/ambition (he has to be responsible) and this leads to an estranged relationship and to his daughter lacking a father figure and going off the rails (need to work on this section - erosion of the mother (drink, bad surrogate husband choices) and...

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