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Tidal High

TV Series

Welcome to Tidal High, where drama is always happing. Follow along with Jacob, Mason, Holly and Ruby as they navigate their way through high school with their teacher Courtney Garcia.

Draft #2
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Rating: 45%
Drama,Comedy,Family | 3 Reviews | 24 pages | 1 month ago | Draft 2


When Courtney Garcia arrives at Tidal High, she wants to create a new legacy and reivent the Drama.

Jacob Miller, Samson Matthews, Holly Chambers and Ruby Dyer all sign up for the musical. Together they will naivigate their way through High School, dealing with anything that life throws at them.

Enjoy, the second draft of TIDAL HIGH.

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Peer Reviews

There are some structure issues in the script that makes it difficult to review the plot and characters. I think it would be better to give a review once these issues are fixed.

First of the story is not told with any flow. Multiple characters are introduced in a row, and descriptions are not very interesting.

HOLLY CHAMBERS: A 16 Year Old Girl, she is the leader of the
Cheerleading Squad. She is also the best friend of SANTIA and

1 month ago |
Structurally I understand what the writer is trying to achieve by setting a tone for the school's and their characters' social structure.

A portion of the script spends a lot of time telling us about each character's background and personality. Most of that needs to be left off this and put in the Final Draft navigator notes and beat. These facts and traits need to be demonstrated by your dialog and visuals based on what's happening here....

1 month ago |
Reid Barwick Top Reviewer
Positive Feedback
1) I liked the characters and how they interacted with each other, they all seemed to have their own motives and were complex.
2) The tone overall was good, you had a constant tone that you developed from the beginning of the script.

Constructive Feedback
1) My biggest issue with this script was your action/description of what was taking place. It often would describe inner feelings or events that we the audience could...

5 days ago |

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