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The D'Angelo Way


An unscrupulous journalist sets out to uncover the secret of a fitness guru’s eternal youth. It's not the healthiest decision he could have made.

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Sci-Fi/Fantasy,Comedy | 1 Reviews | 15 pages | 4 weeks ago | Draft 1


Carl Carter, a gutter journalist, is obsessed by Luca D'Angelo, a 69 year old fitness guru who looks at least two decades younger. Hearing from experts that it's impossible to maintain such an appearance at nearly seventy, he decides to find out the truth for himself. He's always prided himself as having a nose for a story and he smells a big one here. Sneaking back stage at the end of one of the guru's TV shows, Carter manages to interview D'Angelo in his dressing room. Far from being reluctant to speak, the egomaniac barely stops talking about himself long enough for Carter to ask his own searching questions. In the end only a chance accident provides the journalist with the secret he's been looking for. This scoop will make him famous. Angelo's disapproving wife however has other ideas. Carter will get his own special make over.


The concept of this script really good. It drew me in and interested me. It feels like a good short film. The first few pages held my attention and compelled me to finish the script. The scenes are well written as well. The main scene where he does the interview was long, but you wrote it well and it didn't feel like it was drawn out. I like all the characters very much since they all feel realistic, even the robot. The dialogue is also good. Luc...

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