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Wild Thing!


4 kids with newly-gained superpowers defeat a maniacal supervillain and his dim-witted assistant.

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Industry Rating: 40%
Family,Comedy,Action/Adventure | 1 Reviews | 25 pages | 4 months ago | Draft 2


Royal relative and Jack-of-all-trades Max has a wild and wacky sleepover with his friends, comic foil and artist Oscar, nerdy sci-fi fan Orin, wimpy video-game addict Joseph, anxiety-ridden follower George and his best friend, the sly Harrison. After being picked up by a carpool drove by Oscars mum, they are drove down to George’s house where his dad, Hans Heywood is introduced. Hans is a comedic mad scientist figure who is determined to defeat Hiro, an award-winning composer turned expansionist bad guy and his dim-witted, mentally disabled assistant Shigesato. After testing his machine on the kids, they gain superpowers and defeat Hiro and Shigesato, who have stolen a mech suit from the Royal Academy of Sciences to destruct and thus take over the city of Templeton.

Note: read to the credits, the bits after is a second episode I composetried writ

Industry Reviews

The strongest aspect of your script is the chemistry between your villain and his sidekick. The ability to portray the egotistical and maniacal mad scientist and his bumbling buffoon of an assistant comes naturally, and that is a big positive for creating a series out of your pilot. The other strong point is your concept. You never lose sight of the concept, and it shows in the camaraderie of your protagonists and how they look after each other....

1 month ago |
Script Mother Top Reviewer

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