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Alternative (Rough Draft)


After getting fed up with evil winning in the end of horror movies, a man decides to take matters into his own hands.

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Rating: 67%
Action/Adventure,Horror,Comedy | 3 Reviews | 70 pages | 2 months ago | Draft 1


Richard Stevens, a middle aged engineer and horror movie fanatic, has just finished watching yet another horror movie, with his best friend Josh, where the villain wins. Getting tired of horror movies with the same cliched ending, Richard creates a machine that allows him to enter the movies and give the villains the punishment they deserve.

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Firstly, I LOVE the concept, a man travelling into horror movies to change the ending and the monsters escaping into the real world. Your character development is absolutely spot on and the story is great. But there is one thing that you have to work on, the Dialogue. Your characters swear like James Rolfe of the Angry Video Game Nerd was cloned 300 times. I would limit the swearing a lot. Your action lines are also near perfect.

I would also...

2 months ago |
Max Stenner Top Reviewer
Don't get it twisted. Please keep an open mind.
Concept: Yes. It is very original to me. It is huge. It's interesting. It sparked my curiosity the moment I read the synopsis. It has big written all over it. However, somethings do not add up. I will get to that in a short while.
The first ten pages neither drew me in nor bored me. I just wanted to see what happened next. In the first page, Richard should be doing something to suggest to us that...

1 month ago |
Chukwuma Amobi Top Reviewer
Alternative is an action-packed, imaginative action movie that is equal parts buddy comedy, action thriller, and horror movie. I love the premise, and I think with some tweaks this can be a great script. The description of the fight scenes was superb, the writer clearly has an understanding of writing action. Also, the dialogue was authentic; and I the more I read it I felt like I knew these two characters simply because of the uniqueness and cri...

6 days ago |

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