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You're Not All There Is


Darren is bullied by an abusive father. Inexplicably, he begins to transform.

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Horror | 2 Reviews | 77 pages | 8 months ago | Draft 1


Darren has been made to feel like someone other than himself from an early age. Instructed and bullied by a toxic father figure, his worst nightmares become reality as he begins to transform. With all sense of reality starting to slip, Darren has to fight for the identity he holds so dear. If he doesn’t, he will be eaten whole by an ideology that threatens everyone. For Darren and boys just like him, time is running out.


I gave up on page 27. There were several things that made me stop reading. Firstly, I just didn't enjoy myself or understand the point of the story and felt that it took too long to read about all the different symbolic things. Problem is, nothing was really clear to me and the story was extremely focused on one character who didn't say much or understand much. And his interactions with people were only about himself and his suffering. It felt li...

7 months ago |
I think that the concept has something in it. Could really make a great story but the way everything is playing out is just frustrating. Honestly, by the time I got to page 20, I was lost. Especially with the cutting back and forth in Darren's life. By page 35, I'm already done trying to rap my head around this guy's life. I find myself going backwards to read previous pages to grasp the plot but I don't get it. Question: what the hell is Darren...

1 month ago |

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