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Just The Three Of Us

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A sitcom about a thirty something guy, whose happy home life gets turned upside down when his partner's ex moves in with them.

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I've recently come out of a break up where everything felt dark and gloomy for myself. It ended due to previous relationships, in particular a pair of exes doing their best to unsurp us. Not exactly the premise of a great comedy idea, nor was I even thinking of one. Eventually, the pain numbed as I began telling the story to people, it would get laughs. That's when I thought to myself, maybe I have something here.

So, after playing around with the idea of exes ruining a flourishing relationship, I decided to add fuel to the fire and throw out one of those great what if questions. What if your girlfriend's ex moved in with you both? I upped the ante a little further by making them to be wed. It seemed a good premise, and starting point. I began jotting down ideas of how to expand the situation. Why would your fiancee suddenly allow her ex to move in unless she was deliberately trying to get you to dump her? That's when I added the nugget of him being severely depressed and suicidal. That at least gives weight to the reasoning.

I wanted to have someone the main character could interact with that wasn't a part of his home life, which is when I thought of putting the post office in there. It was easy considering I've worked in one for several years. The interactions with customers, as bizarre as they seem, are taken word for word from real life situations. I think the world and home life balance out nicely and give the show a nice dynamic. I do think a lot of people find the premise funny, it's all our relationship nightmares coming true. We can definitely have some fun with this.

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