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A simple background character from a sitcom learns that his television world is just one of many.

Draft #1
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Comedy | 2 Reviews | 37 pages | 10 months ago | Draft 1


A Gunther from Friends type character discovers that he can leave his television show behind because of the Tommy Westphall Universe Hypothesis


The overall concept is fun. It reminds me of a Family Guy episode, when we saw what happens during one of Peter’s flash backs. The structure of the story and the characters are well done. We have a clear begining with cause and effect, and have a predictable, yet working ending. There were umorous lines, but i didn’t really get a good chuckle until pg 20 “now is not the time”. This would work well as a cartoon, adult swim perhaps with some work....

6 months ago |
UDJASON Top Reviewer
This pilot does an impeccable job of showing the limitless potential of its premise. Effortlessly blending the off beat comedic style of a Community with the dimension hopping parody of a Rick and Morty, Westphall promises clever dialogue, interesting characters, and an emotional element that works just as well as everything else.
The characters are strong, within the cold open we get everything we need to know about them, though some foreshadow...

5 months ago |

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