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The Shut In


A young woman wakes up to find her all of her doors and windows have mysteriously boarded and locked from the inside; leaving her trapped as a prisoner in her own home with, seemingly, no way out.

Peer Rating: 57%
Industry Rating: N/A
Mystery/Suspense,Thriller | 2 Reviews | 15 pages | 1 year ago | Draft 1


A young woman named Lilly wakes up in her living room, unable to recall the events of the previous night she had with her boyfriend Darren. Much to her confusion, all of her furniture and belongings have gone missing; leaving her with nothing but a locked briefcase. She then discovers that all of the doors and windows of her house have been mysteriously locked and boarded shut from the inside, much to Lilly’s shock and horror. This leaves her trapped, alone as a prisoner in her own home.

Industry Reviews

Peer Reviews

I have never told anyone this since I started reviewing scripts here. Brace yourself. Here it comes; Your concept is EXCELLENT.
The second I read your Logline I knew I want to read the script. If I were buying scripts, I will definitely make a movie out of this.
The scenes are not well written. The problem with most of the scenes is dialogue.
In the first page, Lilly woke up and the moment she said "what happened last night?", I was disappoint...

6 months ago |
Chukwuma Amobi Top Reviewer
This is an intriguing little Mystery, Suspense, Thriller Script that, unfortunately, caused me turmoil from the first scene because of plot issues, on-the-nose dialogue, and punctuation, capitalization, and spelling issues.

These plot issues are the ones that jumped out:
1. Gratuitous nudity – The writer doesn’t take us anywhere with it or explore it or evolve it. She could wear almost any garment – a crop-top and shorts, for e...

5 months ago |

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