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A headstrong biochemist must survive an island-wide physics/genetic experiment, while a group of flamboyant musicians on the mainland must survive the ongoing consequences of that experiment.

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Horror,Sci-Fi/Fantasy,Drama | 0 Reviews | 68 pages | 1 year ago | Draft 1


In an attempt to make gods by using human subjects, a group of scientists head off to an island leaving a zombie apocalypse in their wake. These scientists navigate these moral failings along with their interpersonal relationships, struggles of the mind, and other forces on the island. Meanwhile, onshore a group of musicians face the direct horrors of the apocalypse while trapped at an amusement park. Why did the outbreak occur at the amusement park? Is there a connection between the musicians and the scientists? Each person must look within themselves to decide what sort of person they want to be as well as watch out for whatever nefarious plans the universe (or universes) have in store for them.

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