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April Screenplay of the Month Winners

The Illustrator Feature
Written By: Barry A. A. Dillinger
Genre: Horror
The Sacrifice Short
Written By: Liam Treacy
Genre: Drama,Horror
Mercy TV Series
Written By: Anthony Richter
Genre: Crime,Drama,Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Nomineees for Next Month

Feature Film

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Television Series

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Short Film

Long Live The President Short
Written By: Estephan Khattar
Genre: Drama
James Bond 007-Long Love Lost Short
Written By: Erez Bailen
Genre: Action/Adventure,Mystery/Suspense,Drama
James Bond Short
Written By: Erez Bailen
Genre: Comedy

In the Running

The following scripts are currently eligible for May Screenplay of the Month:

Past Finalists

Title Written By Month
Malled to Death (Draft) (ACT I) TV Series Claire Benedix March - 2020
The Sacrifice Short Liam Treacy March - 2020
Christmas Cards Feature D Scott Mangione March - 2020
Small Time Villains TV Series Michael Harris February - 2020
The Waiting Room Short David Weishaar February - 2020
Vengeance Wore Black Feature D Ray Van February - 2020
Lucky Beggars TV Series Marcin Klinkosz January - 2020
Varkazana Ascension Feature mike harper January - 2020
2econd Chance Short dragonspirit January - 2020
Ascension Feature jeff-lewis December - 2019
Wasted Life Short A J Lovell December - 2019
A Perfect One For Emma Short D Ray Van November - 2019
Alternative (Rough Draft) Feature Cyle Brooks November - 2019
Dream of Mirrors TV Series Marcin Klinkosz November - 2019
Dream of Mirrors TV Series Marcin Klinkosz October - 2019
The High life after dark Short Christine Locker October - 2019
Black Butterflies Feature Karen Hardinn October - 2019
Sex, Lies, Dinner & Dessert Short Timothy Boissey September - 2019
Westphall TV Series Keith St. Lawrence September - 2019
According to Legend Feature Keith St. Lawrence September - 2019
Unholy Union Short Christine Locker August - 2019
Operation: Anastasia Feature John Aldrich August - 2019
Singular - "Abs0lute Zer0" TV Series SL Eastwood August - 2019
Do It For Her Short Abraam Dawod July - 2019
You're Not All There Is Feature Connor Davey July - 2019
Stalemate TV Series Luke Carroll July - 2019
Gravekeeper TV Series Rindzler June - 2019
Ungifted Feature John Porter June - 2019
The Bench (working title suggestions welcome) Short Caleb Densman June - 2019
The Hobo (Draft 2) TV Series Michael White May - 2019
What We Did That Summer Feature Nick Romantini May - 2019
Man on the Phone Short Rakin Islam May - 2019
The Soft Green Claw Feature Esem Samuels April - 2019
HE IS HERE Short Tedd Luv April - 2019
Chicago Overcoat TV Series Abby LaMarre April - 2019
The Nökken Feature JoAnn Gartin March - 2019
Briarwood TV Series Abby LaMarre March - 2019
Bop Short Brent Woodroof March - 2019
What We Did That Summer Feature Nick Romantini February - 2019
Bop Short Brent Woodroof February - 2019
Lake Of Fire Draftf#4 Feature Anthony Silverwood January - 2019
Westphall TV Series Keith St. Lawrence January - 2019
SUNRISE Short Ronald Mathews January - 2019
Blind Ambition Short Renee Brown December - 2018
Jé Rouge Short Pablo Conseco Hernandez Diaz November - 2018
The Hobo TV Series Michael White November - 2018
Finding Milana Short Kyle Stout November - 2018
Bound by Blood Feature Esem Samuels October - 2018
Inner City Blues Feature Pablo Conseco Hernandez Diaz October - 2018
Internal Affairs TV Series Shawn Decker October - 2018

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Latest Reviews

Elders Way Short
Reviewed by: Hunter P. Thompson

I'd like to first say that your script was okay. It was interesting that you decided to write about what's going on in the world and mix it with the "old people don't know technology" cliche. One thing thought, if this is going to be a timeless short screenplay which you probably want, maybe the news reporter can slip in a line about what's happening. We know of course and thanks to your logline, but people in twenty years won't. Another thing, how did the laptop get there? Who dropped it off? But 10/10 on that end twist, I did not see that coming! Robert and her were divorced the whole time and it was the dog sighing! Mary also seems like quite a cool grandma, the "remember how you used to stuff your bra with dad's socks?" right in front of the neighbour friend. Classic. But why was Ciara so secretive about her talking with her grandmother. If Anna and Mary were estranged, I would get it, but they seemed fine. Another thing, maybe make Thomas a little older. The line "he's hot" coming from Mary and then finding out Thomas is only 18 feels a little weird. But good story. Short and sweet

I can see you were trying to do a medical drama short here. You had a decent concept but I think it would use some tweaking. But first, I'd like to say that your structure was overall pretty good. I'm not a doctor so I wouldn't know how a lot of the hospital stuff is working but you seem to know very well. I think the dialogue could use some work though. Shorten up the sentences and maybe look into implying subtext in it. There's several YouTube videos on that stuff. Now I found the story a little all over the place. So the president being in the hospital is a major deal (But how is he in the hospital if he's on the news live?) but we don't really deal with it for a lot of the time and instead focus on Samir. Now I think we're supposed to get the impression that they don't like the president because he isn't doing a whole lot for the country. But at the end it seems like a race to save the president. My alternate proposal (and this is just a thought): Most of the story works the same. Sahar talks to Samir a lot and hears about his shitty life. But at the end after he dies, Sahar overdoeses the president and he dies. I know, it's a hot take but think of it what you can. It's just a thought. In the end, it's your story. But I hope this review finds you well

Mercy TV Series
Reviewed by: WL Wright

I enjoyed this story and it was an easy read, obviously you have skills. I didn't realize it was a TV pilot until after I finished it, I thought it was a short. Either way I like the imagery of it being in purgatory and the mythical beings including your descriptions because I am a fan of all things sci fi and fantasy, period. I don't know about the long haul on the TV series idea because it seems you have set it up for most go to hell from that point and I am not sure how long that would hold my attention, sad stories all going to hell. But hey I don't know your long term vision and as said I like the story you wrote. The character Levi is a sad demon it seems longing for love and longing for a better win rate that seems impossible given the story I read and he has to continuously bear that and has become suicidal over it all. Maybe the way to resolve that doomed fate vision is to add a case he miraculously wins after the one he loses? Just a thought on that idea but I think without doing that the whole long haul is relentlessly sad and depressing for a TV series. That's what I am left with after reading what has been written thus far. I liked Hannah, Nova and the prosecutors you described and overall I had zero issues with your writing. It is creatively written with all the descriptions so the reader has the total vision without anything necessary being left out. I watched this movie by reading your script so I think you nailed that part. You also have all the rules of script writing down that is obvious and cheers to you for that as well. This might make a good feature if you can write it out giving Levi something big as his next case that as said, in the end, he may or may not get the win. Once again, just a thought on it. Good luck and write on...