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July Screenplay of the Month Winners

Have a Laugh (First Draft) Feature
Written By: Cyle Brooks
Genre: Horror,Thriller
Plans are Fantasies: Episode 1 - "Pilot" TV Series
Written By: Vineeth Premanand
Genre: Comedy,Romance,Mystery/Suspense
Reverse Psychology Short
Written By: Michael Kospiah
Genre: Comedy

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Feature Film

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Television Series

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Short Film

The Comet Short
Written By: Caleb Densman
Genre: Drama
PTA Short
Written By: Kayla McGinnis
Genre: Family,Mystery/Suspense,Thriller
James Bond Short
Written By: Erez Bailen
Genre: Comedy

In the Running

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Past Finalists

Title Written By Month
Have a Laugh (First Draft) Feature Cyle Brooks July - 2020
Plans are Fantasies: Episode 1 - "Pilot" TV Series Vineeth Premanand July - 2020
Reverse Psychology Short Michael Kospiah July - 2020
Honey Mustard Feature Michael Kospiah June - 2020
Plans are Fantasies: Episode 1 - "Pilot" TV Series Vineeth Premanand June - 2020
When The Bell Jangles Short Dan Harris June - 2020
Angels Can Die TV Series Kwesi Lewis May - 2020
Them Wretched Souls Feature Keith St. Lawrence May - 2020
Filthy Animal Short Michael Kospiah May - 2020
The Sacrifice Short Liam Treacy April - 2020
Mercy TV Series Anthony Richter April - 2020
The Illustrator Feature Barry A. A. Dillinger April - 2020
Malled to Death (Draft) (ACT I) TV Series Claire Benedix March - 2020
The Sacrifice Short Liam Treacy March - 2020
Christmas Cards Feature D Scott Mangione March - 2020
Small Time Villains TV Series Michael Harris February - 2020
The Waiting Room Short David Weishaar February - 2020
Vengeance Wore Black Feature D Ray Van February - 2020
Lucky Beggars TV Series Marcin Klinkosz January - 2020
Varkazana Ascension Feature mike harper January - 2020
2econd Chance Short dragonspirit January - 2020
Ascension Feature jeff-lewis December - 2019
Wasted Life Short A J Lovell December - 2019
A Perfect One For Emma Short D Ray Van November - 2019
Alternative (Rough Draft) Feature Cyle Brooks November - 2019
Dream of Mirrors TV Series Marcin Klinkosz November - 2019
Dream of Mirrors TV Series Marcin Klinkosz October - 2019
The High life after dark Short Christine Locker October - 2019
Black Butterflies Feature Karen Hardinn October - 2019
Sex, Lies, Dinner & Dessert Short Timothy Boissey September - 2019
Westphall TV Series Keith St. Lawrence September - 2019
According to Legend Feature Keith St. Lawrence September - 2019
Unholy Union Short Christine Locker August - 2019
Operation: Anastasia Feature John Aldrich August - 2019
Singular - "Abs0lute Zer0" TV Series SL Eastwood August - 2019
Do It For Her Short Abraam Dawod July - 2019
You're Not All There Is Feature Connor Davey July - 2019
Stalemate TV Series Luke Carroll July - 2019
Gravekeeper TV Series Rindzler June - 2019
Ungifted Feature John Porter June - 2019
The Bench (working title suggestions welcome) Short Caleb Densman June - 2019
The Hobo (Draft 2) TV Series Michael White May - 2019
What We Did That Summer Feature Nick Romantini May - 2019
Man on the Phone Short Rakin Islam May - 2019
The Soft Green Claw Feature Esem Samuels April - 2019
HE IS HERE Short Tedd Luv April - 2019
Chicago Overcoat TV Series Abby LaMarre April - 2019
The Nökken Feature JoAnn Gartin March - 2019
Briarwood TV Series Abby LaMarre March - 2019
Bop Short Brent Woodroof March - 2019
What We Did That Summer Feature Nick Romantini February - 2019
Bop Short Brent Woodroof February - 2019
Lake Of Fire Draftf#4 Feature Anthony Silverwood January - 2019
Westphall TV Series Keith St. Lawrence January - 2019
SUNRISE Short Ronald Mathews January - 2019
Blind Ambition Short Renee Brown December - 2018
Jé Rouge Short Pablo Conseco Hernandez Diaz November - 2018
The Hobo TV Series Michael White November - 2018
Finding Milana Short Kyle Stout November - 2018
Bound by Blood Feature Esem Samuels October - 2018
Inner City Blues Feature Pablo Conseco Hernandez Diaz October - 2018
Internal Affairs TV Series Shawn Decker October - 2018

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On Display Short
Reviewed by: Teigh Reed

How old is Mason? How old is Mr. Cure? Do you want people to know that Mr. Cure is a history buff? Mr. Cure uses Mason’s birthday as his code? How does Mr. Cure know anything about this? Maybe some dialogue. There is a flaw in the story. We are told Mason can’t go into the east wing and then Mr. Cure wanted him to see his future. That needs to be clear. Also, how does this work anyway? How did the image turn back from Mr. Cure to Mason? It can’t be based on each person’s birthday. The story has logic issues. I had to reread the ending twice because I didn’t get it at first and then I realized, oh, I see, Mason will be turning 30 in 12 mins. The problem with this is that Mason told us that he was 27. Why would he lie about his age? So now that you know that he is going to turn 30 in 12 mins then where is the woman? If you want to go with that ending then there needs to be a woman unless Mr. Cure is the one who dies??? That leads to another problem? Why is Mason going to kill someone in 12 mins there is no catalyst? He hasn’t shown us that he hates someone or has that type of personality to do so. Look over the dialogue, try to use that to tell us the story but do not try to be on the nose. Right now, the dialogue feels that way.

Perfect Wedding Short
Reviewed by: Emil Axelsson

What I like most about this film is that the characters are very human. Sure, the dialogue comes across as a bit stale and robotically written(don't hate me), but there's still enough of individuality to each character's speech pattern that you can easily identify who's who and what they're trying to emote. The interrupted wedding cliché is of course one that's been spun about in a thousand different narratives, but the fact that this particular story is based upon real events lends it a credence that fiction-only films usually need to strive harder to achieve. I found it kind of surprising and quite interesting that a certain someone decided to still proceed with a certain something, but humans are humans after all, and sometimes--especially durings times of crisis, we need to go through with planned events in order to bury our heads in the sand. For protection. Work on it.

They Never Left Feature
Reviewed by: mike harper

Overall, the script is well-formatted and follows the plot beats pretty good. t may be my own sense of humor, but I did not relate to any comedic tropes you attempted. I don't want to nit-pick this work because I can tell you spent a lot of hours and hard work to make this comes to life. Pun intended. I suggest looking for the screenplays for "Apartment 1303" (Japanese version and the 2007 film based on STephen King's short story "1408". Bizzare events, dramatic beats, character dialogue and horror aspects would assist you in pulling the tropes and thematic elements into the script. I'm not saying it's not good, just that it can use a bit more unpredictability and help with the ending, which a horror fan like myself predicted. Some of my initial items in the first 10 pages are: pg 1. Action line suggest remove the word Neat. Combine "Immaculately clean and organized." It reads a double stating the description. No need to restate this type of music. Streamline the action to, "An Antique RECORD PLAYER plays a vinyl. It spins hypnotically beneath the needle." Do people leave lipstick in the medicine cabinet or on the sink counter? Just asking because my personal experience has been the countertop. Marching = Marches How does he kick the chair if he stands on it? Tip it over, maybe? Great introduction to Darwin. I think you can give a couple of sentences to bring Madeline and Ed motivation or thematic life. As it is, they feel more as supporting characters that are 2-dimensional. The paranormal question from Scotty came out of nowhere. I think even buzzed Darwin would have reacted stronger at such an odd question and seeing FRANK in the closet.