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Shawn Decker So far, the reviews I have received have been helpful, although I notice that many of the reviewers are Movie Screenplay writers, not TV and that seems to be an issue, also people review a Genera that they do not like, but the reviews were still helpful. I did, however, have a review that had nothing helpful to say about my Script they just tore it apart and made reference to the industry as if they were more knowledgeable than they are. All this person did was tear me down and then offer dialog and formatting advice that is contrary to all that I have learned in the last three years.
He also was unduly critical of the Genera I was writing using bleeped expletives to describe how he felt about certain dialog. Very unprofessional. He so was critical to call me a bad writer and use the cliché your first script is your worst again as if he was a professional in the industry. He offered nothing of substance to help me improve my script. And that, after all, should be the point. This is not Facebook, this is a serious place for writers to help each other become better.
Fun fact, when I checked who he is, turns out he is not any further in the industry and the review of his script was pretty bad, um I am sure he actually cut and pasted his terrible review to his of my script and just added some stuff, very lazy.
I would ask that this be a safe place for real critique that is helpful in the writing processes and not a place for one person to just attack another because their script got a bad review.
Steven Hale In my experience, you get mixed results from a peer review site. Use any suggestion that helps you improve but don't ignore something that at first seems irrelevant. Sometimes a completely wrong-headed comment turns out to be highly insightful feedback after you've spent some time away from the script.
jeff-lewis Relax take a deep breath and chill: Here's some reality to chew on. First off, on a site like this never critique a script unless you know what you're talking about. I mean the A, B, C's of screenplays. I've been writing screenplays for twenty-three years and I've been to 5 meetings in L.A. with producers who've asked to see me in the flesh. Won two trips to writers conferences so I'm going to be egotistical and say I've learned a few things about how L.A. - Notice I did not say I'm a brilliant writer. So, I post a few older scripts here and on other sites because I know producers do have their gate keepers surf looking for fresh material. They also read the critiques posted. If you critique in an unprofessional matter you only hurt yourself. It shows up in the written word posted and you've shot your wad. Nobody of significance is going to read that persons material if he/she has demonstrated how shallow their perception is of what real screenplay writing is about. I recently placed an older script on a couple of sites as 1st draft family film. Several people ripped it apart. Nobody mentioned the main problem with the script. I mixed humor with a 15 year old girl who dies of cancer. (my niece) That's why it was optioned 3 times before it got made. At the final moment the bean counters didn't want to risk it. Mixing genres is a major taboo in screenplay writing. It effects the 'log line' it effects the trailers it effects the marketing, it effects everything. Here's what you need to celebrate - you wrote a screenplay-on to the next one-no turning back now. I'll see you at the movies (movie written my YOU)
ScriptMother Support Hi there,

I wanted to mention a couple of things, since I have noticed that some of the peer reviews have not been as quality or comprehensive as expected. First off, we're definitely trying to add requirements for the reviewers so they provide relevant, quality analysis and don't just submit a couple of short sentences in order to earn credits they truly didn't earn. My goal is to make this the best peer-review website out there, and that requires creating a community of dedicated readers and set clear expectations.

Also, I'm bringing in a few professional coverage providers, so that the Script of the Month Winner gets a complimentary professional review that gets posted and special-labelled as such

And lastly, I'm going to start allowing production/film companies to create an account, where they can follow scripts they're interested in. This will give screenwriters the encouragement and guidance to keep working on their drafts.

Again, we're a new site, but we're moving fast, and I'm grateful beyond words that early members like you all have stuck with us! Trust, me you'll be glad you did!