New Things Happening at ScriptMother! Please Read

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ScriptMother Support Hi there,

I wanted to mention a couple of things, since I have noticed that some of the peer reviews have not been as quality or comprehensive as expected. First off, we're definitely trying to add requirements for the reviewers so they provide relevant, quality analysis and don't just submit a couple of short sentences in order to earn credits they truly didn't earn. My goal is to make this the best peer-review website out there, and that requires creating a community of dedicated readers and set clear expectations.

Also, I'm bringing in a few professional coverage providers, so that the Script of the Month Winner gets a complimentary professional review that gets posted and special-labelled as such

And lastly, I'm going to start allowing production/film companies to create an account, where they can follow scripts they're interested in. This will give screenwriters the encouragement and guidance to keep working on their drafts.

Again, we're a new site, but we're moving fast, and I'm grateful beyond words that early members like you all have stuck with us! Trust, me you'll be glad you did!

Vincent Paterno Good. I'm trying to peer-review "The Hobo," but I can't access it after downloading and reading it, and the deadline is Thursday. What can I do?