New member, confused about what to do.

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Chapin Hawkins Hello. I am confused about how to get started using this site.

I have a "Purchased Review", but I can't claim it because it tells me I need a 4 or 5 rating. I've tried to review another script, but then it says all purchased reviews must be claimed before other reviews. But I can't claim that purchased review.

What do I do? Do I have to wait for that purchased review to go away before I can do anything at all? Or maybe I am missing something?
ScriptMother Support Hi there,

Sorry for the confusion you're having. Since we're a new site, we're still working on developing a better way to guide users through the peer-review process.

Basically, there are three sections of the ScriptBank that you can choose to review:

1. Purchased Reviews - These reviews have been purchased by screenwriters, and can be purchased as either a "regular" review, or "premium" review. Premium reviews cost more credits, because only 4 and 5 star reviewers can claim them.

2. Available for Review - These scripts are available to review, but not until the purchased reviews are taken. However, since we only have 1 review currently in the "purchased" section, I went ahead and opened up this section for you to claim a review. Again, we're still working on the logistics of making scripts available for review, but since there's not as much activity going on right now, please try to claim a review from the "Available" section.

3. Script Babies - Every uploaded script must meet a certain standard before being available for full feedback. Therefore, we require the first 15 pages of every Feature and TV script to be reviewed and approved. Users are encouraged to provide an accurate and fair review of these scripts, to help them get to the next level.

We're working on a FAQ/How It Works page to help users understand the platform properly. If you have any further questions about these 3 sections, just let us know.

ScriptMother Support