Writer of "What We Did That Summer"-- I have your feedback.

Author Post
Dan Hoy I read and reviewed a script called "What We Did That Summer." When the site asked how many days I needed to finish my review, I said one.

I claimed this review yesterday.

I presumed that "1 day" meant end-of-day the next day, but that does not appear to be the case.

I took about 7 pages worth of notes while reading, and would love to share with the writer regardless of whether or not I lose the credits.

Suggestion for Future: Allow reviewers to post late reviews. You can dock them credits, but the writer deserves to get the feedback one way or the another.
Jurij Fedorov You for sure should be able to post late reviews or short reviews somehow I think. Just because the system should be more flexible. But in worst case you can always PM the writer.