Help me fill this major plot hole?

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Clare Busey I'm writing a screenplay but am really struggling with how to intermingle a flashback sequence into the present (in which the story is told) and just overall making it more impactive than it is at the moment.

Okay, so here's my idea:

A man gets into a cab with a cynical, irritable driver. Throughout the beginning of the drive, the man asks him a bunch of questions with seemingly obvious answers, like "What is that we just past?", etc. This only irritates the cab driver even more, until he finally snaps at the man to be silent. The other man apologizes and explains that he's blind and he's simply asking to make sure they're going the right way. The driver is taken aback and immediately feels guilty for losing his temper at the guy. Out of awkwardness and pity, he asks the blind man a series of questions about his life until he finally asks why he's going to the location the cab driver is taking him to. The blind man tells him he's on his way to see his wife.

From that point on, I plan on intermingling flashbacks of how the blind man met his wife and how he became blind in the first place. I need to leave the love story he tells somewhat open-ended because, in the end, we'll discover he's visiting a graveyard and that his wife is dead, despite him talking about her as if she was alive.

I guess I just need some help on how I can make that ending moment of realization (that she's dead) more impactive for the audience through those flashbacks. I think I could remedy this by giving the cab driver some kind of internal conflict and solving it at the end somehow through meeting this blind man? Here are some questions I've been pondering:

- What is the significance of the man being blind?

- How did he meet his wife?

- How can the blind man's story be relatable to the cab driver?

I know this is a really broad post and the answers are endless, I'm just really hitting a brick wall here and I think this has the potential to be something interesting. I'd love any feedback or anything you could give me, it'd really mean the world to me. Thanks for reading this far:)
John Aldrich Well you have to figure the cab driver could be the fact that they snapping at him then realizing his error that he maybe questions his own disconnectedness from the people he the same way the the blind man is disconnected from the world of the sighted.

Just an idea for you to ponder.