December Screenplays of the Month Announced

December Screenplays of the Month Announced

Congratulations to the winners of December Screenplay of the Month! 

Feature: “Villain” by katbosworth

Logline: A supervillain and vigilante fall for each other while trying to please their feuding fathers.

TV Series: “Westphall” by ksaintlaw0601

Logline: A simple background character from a sitcom learns that his television world is just one of many.

Short: “Blind Ambition” by nene7884

Logline: A pregnant woman is giving birth and her husband is in hot pursuit to the hospital.

Thank you to everyone who wrote, submitted, and reviewed this past month! You are truly the engine that keeps Script Mother going. We look forward to many, many more great months ahead! 

And if you want to win January Screenplay of the Month…

Write on!
Script Mother

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